Want TV?

By Paul Moffett

Do Louisville musicians want television exposure? Here's a chance to demonstrate that.

"Live At Mom's," the TV show that showcased mostly rock acts, won't be back - lack of advertising. "Mid City Mix," the Comedy-Caravan based acoustic act show, operates on a shoestring - a kid's shoestring, at that. Aside from the occasional public access show, there isn't any other place on TV for Louisville music.

However, Steve Ulrich of the Ulrich Group, the producers of "Live At Mom's," offers this suggestion: if Louisville acts will step forward to help with some fundraising to pay for production and air time, a Louisville music TV show can happen again. Exactly what kind of fundraising is an open question - perhaps a show or two or some connection to a company with cash and an interest in music television, perhaps something else.

As the editor of LMN and producer of Mid City Mix, I am also interested in this and have several ideas that could generate the revenue but don't have the time to do all the work necessary to make it happen. If you and/or your band are interested in talking about and helping out with this, call Louisville Music News at 893-9933 and let's talk.