Organized chaos?

Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein (Earache)
Rabies Caste

By Tristan Palmer

A twisted blend of distorted vocals and metal riffs -- this is Rabies Caste. While vocalist/guitarist David K. is screaming out his muffled lyrics, bandmates Dale Rabid (drums) and Russell Bear (bass) are completing each song perfectly. I've never heard of these guys before, but being a headbanger, you can't help but like them. Rabies Caste has all the classic elements of a good metal band, and they really rip through on this new album, Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein.

The first track, "Got It From Blake," starts to open a wound, because their original sound will totally crack your skull from the beginning. Throughout such tracks as "The Bleeding Mermaid" and "Steel Right Through The Mouth" David's torturous screaming sets into your ears and become in sync with your blackening thoughts. No one can deny these guys are up on the scale with many of the metal acts such as Slayer and perhaps even Tool. "Hand Abortion" shows how hard this band can get and still stay perfectly together, an attribute a lot bands show in the present day. But whereas on some metal discs recently released, the aggression and anger fades toward the end leaving us all disappointed and listening primarily to the first half of the CD. Rabies Caste files against the grain, keeping the hard hitting beats and screams of death just as fresh and concrete all the way through 10 tracks. It leaves you wanting more and therefore spending hours listening to the CD all the way through and through.

Rabies Caste brings one of the most original, no B.S. sounds released in a while. This is what makes the underground music scene much better; they don't worry about the next single or money. They just care about the two key components: the fans and the music. Don't forget Rabies Caste's Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein if you like the ear bleeding screams of today's newer music.