Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

The Tuesday night jams at the Lighthouse on Frankfort must be working in some way: Anson Funderburgh and a couple of band members dropped by on a recent Tuesday night to check out Krekel et al.

Owner Bob Stack has modified the format for the Tuesday jam, adding a regular bass player to the drums and guitar mix, with the intention of having a rhythm section to back up players who come in. The evening is still billed as Chickpea and Friends, with John Thornbury (Chickpea) and drummer Steve Eilers remaining as the organizers. They will be joined by various bassists, drummers and guitarists John Burgard and Tim Krekel. The first hour or two of the event remains an open stage, solo performer format.

The Louisville Music Industry Alliance has elected new officers. The new President is Jay Ballinger; Vice-President is Robin Mach; Secretary is Lesa Tate and Paul Moffett remains as the Treasurer. The new Board and Officers instituted a new dues structure: inidividual memberships are $15; bands may join as a group for $35; and businesses may join for $35.

Rumors of the disappearance of Days of the New should be set aside: their new CD arrived in the office with a single page of PR and an advance copy of their new disc, sans insert. The project is on Interscope Records.

Speaking of new CDs, we hear from the ever-energetic Leslie Stewart that the new Satchel's Pawn Shop CD is in her hands, so look for reviews in the usual local rags over the next few weeks.

More Stuff We Stole From Leslie. I guess reprinting news a publicist sends isn't stealing at all - sucker. Anyway, here's stuff she tells us: ear X-tacy hot band Cooler has been drawing mucho attention from various major labels, following the release of Oh Happy Day. Knowing Leslie to be a truthful whitefoot, this means that she's been fielding some phone calls and getting more positive responses from those she calls. No doubt ear X-tacy head blonde John T. would love to have one of his bands sign a major label deal, with a few points thrown his way.

Former LMN photog R. Hunt Sidway is finally getting into Ear Candy studios to record his second album. Popster and producer Stephen Moon is the guiding hand. It'll be more rocking than Hunt's first project, Nuclear Child.

Irrational Fear will be in the studio with Bill Bartley of Slackshop. The album is due out in February on Bartley's Microdot label.

WFPK's Fadel Friedlander-Fulkerson is leaving the Public Radio Partnership and moving to Oberlin, Ohio, when her husband Gregory Fulkerson is a tenured professor of violin. Fadel appeared on the March 2000 cover of Louisville Music News leading various PRP types across 4th Street while dressed as Brunhilde, complete with purple gown, breastplate and spear.

If you were planning to get tickets for the September 29 Farm Aid 2001 show in Noblesville, Indiana, you're too late - it's sold out, according to the Encore Online news.

Tim Roberts tipped us off that the 2001 Earth, Wind & Fire tour will be sponsored by Pfizer Corporation, the makers of Viagra TM I guess that makes it the Earth, Wind & (Chemically Enhanced) Fire tour.

In case you missed the e-mails, Jeffrey Puckett plugs and (I guess) lamentations in LEO, Mz. Kathleen Hoye is leaving Louisville in the broad daylight to take a new job in Athens, Ohio. The chief sister of Delilah swearts she'll be back often to play for her fans. Ain't that what they all say on their way out the door?

P. S. Attention, shoppers. Kathleen's house is for sale. Take a look at

The Louisville band named after a hot rod exhaust system, Glasspack, is heading out on the road (as we have been recommending here at LMN) for a tour of the Southeast and around to the Northeast. The tour sort-of kicks off an as-yet unconfirmed show in Memphis on October 5, with fer sure stops in Oklahoma City, a Deep Ellum festival called SHOD in Big D, Austin, Albuquerque, Mesa/Phoenix, San Franciso, Portland, OR, Missoula, Denver, Des Moine and Iowa City. They'll be back in Louisville at the Rud on November 14.

This is a tour that looks suspiciously like a working vacation to me. I hope they've got their RV all tuned up.

The unusually quiet Susan Weber has reappeared as the new manager for My Own Victim, operating under her company name of e/go Management.

Speaking of unusually quiet people, Tom Florian has reappeared with a new band, The FloZone Players, a conglomeration of players from Kung Pow, the Air Conditioners, The Java Men, Jakeleg and Days of the New. Look for them around town or log onto his site at, which is back up and running, now that he's got some new servers.

A workshop in a bar? Bluegrass Anonymous, a.k.a. the Louisville Bluegrass Music Association, is staging a guitar workshop by Steve Kaufman, a three-time flatpicking champion, at the Lighthouse on Frankfort. It's a two-day event and, with only 24 slots, the fee is $80. Contact Mike Bucayu at 502-493-9355 or toll fee at 800-635-2021 or email at

Don't forget - the CMJ Music Marathon 2001 is set for Septebmer 13-16 in New Yawk City. You can still register at

Carl Clark, whose Strangely Delicious Brew was reviewed in LMN in July, got a profile in the "Undiscovered" section of, a guitar-oriented website.

David La Duke has released his BallBanger Cyber Interactive Metal/Rock News July/August issue. More news about metal acts than you ever thought there was. Check his site at for more

Louisville-based First Quality Music Supply is scheduled to announce the release of their own line of banjos at the IBMA Trade Show in Octber, according to Marketing/Publicity Director B. Eric Bradley. The first instrument will be The Sullivan Greenbriar banjo. FQMS already has a dealer network in place to handle the instruments. The banjos will be the first instruments manufactured by FQMS, which primarily deals in instruments and supplies for the bluegrass music industry.


Lenior Patton, 88, formerly of Louisville, died on August 18 in De Land, Fla. She was a retired pianist and music teacher.

Anne Culley Yates, Enlow, 77, died on August 21 in Louisville. She was a retired concert pianist and piano teacher who taught for 55 years, including for the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Spring Meadows Children's Home. She was a former president of the Greater Louisville Teachers Association and a member of Music Teachers National Association, and the National Guild of Piano Teachers.

Romer Jaggers, 66, formerly of Louisville, died in Bowling Green, KY on August 12. He was a musician for the Country Dreamers and Country Fanatics.

Lucille Lesher, 89, died on August 5 in Louisville. She was a retired musician and organist for Broadway Baptist Church.