Most Wanted
Just My Skin

By Janet Wolfe

The Ladies of Most Wanted is a rock and blues band, not another Cops show on the Fox. This band is caught under the influences of Bonnie Raitt, Heart, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. This is the first release for the all-female band who has been playing together for four years.

"Mystery" is a soulful blues cut with Cheryl Henry singing tenderly and Debbie DeVore complimenting her with nice guitar work. The band can also do some jump and jive, they call it "Hit The Bitch." The rhythm section with Deretha Manship on bass, and Rosie Taylor on percussion, keeps it all together. "Rejected" and "Sweet Child" have a hint of Nancy Wilson talents. Did she move to town and start a new band, with heart? No, this is an authentic all-female band that has a serious case of the blues, and can rock all night.

This CD, Just My Skin, is currently available at Better Days Records. You can check out this band live at Stevie Ray's on the Fourth of July, after you watch the fireworks on the Riverfront.