The True Definition of Ear Candy

Cake and Pie (A&M)

Lisa Loeb

By Kevin Gibson

Lisa Loeb and her delicious voice return for the first time since 1997's Firecracker with another solid effort in Cake and Pie. By solid, I mean the production sparkles, and Loeb's voice is as creamy and sweet as ever.

However, within these twelve songs, Loeb pores over her soul like someone reading the features section of the Sunday paper while waiting for a bus - often, the subject matter is merely scanned instead of fully comprehended. "The Way it Really Is" proves the best of her introspections into uncertain romance, whereas "We Could Still Belong Together" only scratches the surface, offering this profundity: "We could still belong together/And together's so much better/We're OK, so hey don't worry now/Oh wow."

As something to listen to while you write a term paper or balance your checkbook, this disc is golden. Beyond that, it's - well, like reading the features section. Oh wow.