Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts
By Henry C. Mayer

New Artistic Director Named At Louisville Ballet

Bruce Simpson has been named the new Artistic Director for the Louisville Ballet. Retiring Artistic Director Alun Jones described his reaction to the news as "Absolutely delighted."

Simpson brings more than thirty years of involvement in international ballet with him. He called his appointment was both "an honor and a privilege."

"Combining the fundamental classicism of the Louisville Ballet with a forward-looking vision, I hope to expand its reputation both nationally and internationally," he said. As Senior Ballet Master with South Africa's State Theatre Ballet, Simpson handled the duties of repetiteur, teach and coach, along with refining more than sixty of the company's ballets.

The company also announced that Don Tolj was named Director of the Louisville ballet School. Like Simpson, he has experience in international ballet.

Kentucky Opera Guild News

Preparations for the Kentucky Opera Guild's Golden Jubilee season have begun, some two years in advance. The Opera Guild organizes volunteers to do much of the work that the Opera would otherwise have to hire for.

The "Volunteer of the Year" Award was given to Dale Golden, who wrote and published a history of the Guild's activities in the 1950s. He also worked on an analysis of "The State Of Opera Volunteering in the USA Heartland."

The new Board President of the Guild is Barbara Sandford. Sharon Hatfield was named to head the 29th Annual Book Sale at Trinity High School.