Foundation of Love (Billy Hanks)

Will Cary

By David Lilly

If you're aware of Will Cary's health issues of the past 15 years or so, then you know that Foundation of Love is a heroic CD. After I became aware and heard this disc, I decided to make an example of Will Cary, although not in the negative sense usually associated with "making an example of" someone. Some of this music was written and played by singer/songwriter/guitarist Cary and recorded after two hand surgeries, including the removal of a huge cyst that had rendered his fret hand contracted and all but useless.

For some people (like me), many roads lead to Uncle Bob. The fact that Cary is now able to play musical instruments, play well enough to record and make a CD reminds me of the Dylan line, "This old river just keeps on rolling, though/no matter what gets in the way and which way the wind does blow." We're talking perseverance. That seems to summarize Mr. Cary.

That most of this music is not quite left field enough for me, which is not any form of criticism. I recognize a bunch of great material here and I'm sure a lot of people would be glad to soak their aural tea bags in this cup of hot musical water. In fact, I highly recommend they do. The man plays a little country, some folk, some folk-rock and blues, and he also just plain rocks out. Why? Because he can.

After what Cary has been through with his hand, this CD is a little victory for humanity. If you're tired of all the bad news, go get some good news with the purchase of this disc and enjoy. Contact Cary at