Steve Ferguson Benefit: A Success

By Paul Moffett

Louisville bands volunteered in droves to perform at one of five venues involved in the benefit for Steve Ferguson, whose recent heart surgery left him in better physical condition but in far worse shape financially. While he had insurance that covered about 80% of the cost, he was still in the hole some 30$,000.

Steve Ferguson at Headlines

The evening doubled as a schmoozfest for Louisville musicians, with players happily chatting up friends they hadn't seen for some time and meeting new ones. The various performing "groups" were as often as not ad hoc, with at least two famous players in town to help out, Greg Martin of the Kentucky Headhunters and new country star Shannon Lawson.

The total sum raised was well over five thousand dollars as of this printing, according to the organizers. MERF is also contributing funds to help Ferguson.

One organizer, Chet Bell, said "The entire benefit went off without any major problems due to the omnipresent spirit of cooperation between Fergie's fans & fellow musicians...Woody kind of summed up the feeling, when he told me that upon hearing Steve join the band on stage during too many heartaches, he found a lump forming in his throat...

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