Fool For the...Country?

Till Time Stands Still (Ruthie Records)
C T Robinson

By David Lilly

"Woo doggies!", as Jed Clampett used to say. This here C T Robinson feller is sure to take country music lovers up yonder to hog heaven. This geetar-playin' and soundboard-controllin' cowboy from rite `chere in this Louisville locality has recorded some fine tewns for the leesnin' playzure of y'all. Hoe down!

OK, the fact is that this is one of those times when I can say with 99 percent certainty, "you're gonna love this," due to country music being two things: a hugely popular genre and the kind of music I try to stay far away from. I don't live on Snooty Street; it just ain't my cup of tea. Those things aside, C T Robinson is a good, emotional singer and there is a ten-gallon hat's worth of boot-scootin' boogie here, particularly "Rattle My Cage," the bluesy "About You," and the bouncy little rockers called "Steppin' Out" and "Back to the Grind." For those of you who prefer ballads, Robinson offers the title song as well as "Hold Haley" and "Forever My Heart."

When country music fans buy this debut CD from C T Robinson, and I am sure y'all will because Robinson is a talented artist, not only will you have a CD you like, but also access to the personal touch of The Mad Hatter, the official newsletter of Robinson's fan club. Meanwhile, drop the dude a line at