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Seluah (Independent)

By David Lilly

Have you ever used codeine, whether a prescribed dose or a smidgen more? Remember how that felt? If you answered yes to both questions, you have a good idea of how Seluah sounds. Spacey, drifting with direction and quite cozy -- in one word: trippy. Not only that, but the cover art - a striking black and green image of I'm not sure what - enhances the music inside. And speaking of the music ...

Most of these songs are a bit lengthy by ordinary radio standards, but that's cool, since this stuff beckons the listener to a galaxy far away from pop music. These songs are soundscapes most likely to be heard on a station at

. Overall, this music could give you the sensation of floating around in the artwork of the Ozric Tentacles' albums Pyramidion or Arborescence (Seluah evens sound a bit Ozric-esque on "City of Dis"). If you're a stranger to that, think of the same activity with Arizona scenery, at night with visible colors all around.

Even my one criticism of this disc is complimentary. Twenty-two minutes of this music is certainly better than none, but it's also too little. This eponymous recording is an EP, so that's to be expected. The point is Seluah did its job very well, which is to leave the audience (me, at least) wanting more. I enthusiastically encourage you to seek out this CD and catch a Seluah gig. Let them know your thoughts on the CD via

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