Trick or Treat w/ Trick Pony

By Rob Greenwell

Trick Pony came back to Coyote's on Halloween night 2002. Keith, Ira and Heidi have been on fire since they started and frankly, the flames scorched the club on this night. Riding high off the new single, "On A Mission," Trick Pony's high-energy show encompassed ninety minutes of pure party - these guys rock the house.

The trio blends the southern style of rock with the traditional side of country, all mixed together with today's pop. These ingredients are just what the doctor ordered in making them one of the hottest country acts on the planet.

Opening the show with the fired-up "On A Mission," they went through the Trick Pony scrapbook: "Pour Me," "On A Night Like This" and "Just What I Do" dominated a set during this down-home party. Even the new stuff they played kept the crowd on its feet and interested. However, the best part of the night was when it was announced that they had a cover on the next album then broke into "Whiskey River" a smash hit for Willie Nelson, who also sang on the recording.

With the new tracks performed live from the new album, along with a high energy live show. This trio is destined for the big time in a very short time. Just remember, the trick is getting to Trick Pony tickets because the treat is definitely seeing them perform live.

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