The Mac is Back

Momentum (Forefront Records)

Toby Mac

By Kory Wilcoxson

As the rappin' third of the Christian super group DC Talk, Toby Mac provided the hip hop flava for the band's otherwise rock-pop repertoire. Mac's presence was felt more heavily in DC Talk's early days; as the group matured, it moved away from rap, and Mac moved more into the background.

Now, DC Talk is on hiatus and all three members are putting out solo albums. Based on Mac's diminishing contributions to DC Talk, you may think his solo album will be all filler, no thriller. Wrong. "Momentum" leaps out of the speakers with an urgency and freshness that surpasses anything DC Talk has done. Mac combines his hip hop tendencies with crunching guitars, creating a hybrid sound reminiscent of Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park.

Mac may lack songwriting creativity; well over half the songs recycle choruses ("Somebody's Watching," "Do You Know?"). But he makes up for it with sheer tenacity and innovative arrangements. It's as if his raw power has been caged with DC Talk the last few years, and is finally being unleashed. Good for him, and for us fans.