Western Noir, a.k.a. Country and Westerberg

Dark and Bloody Ground (Rustic)

Trophy Husbands

By Michael Beaird

Imagine the setting: the late 1880s in a remote area of Arizona known as the Tonto Basin. Two families, the Tewksburys and the Grahams, enter into a dispute over some fertile grazing land. The dispute erupts into a full-blown family feud that goes down in history as the Pleasant Valley War. Between 1887 and 1892, more than twenty men would lose their lives in this bloody dispute that became one of the deadliest feuds in American history.

The setting changes to the year 2000 but the place remains the same. A band of talented musicians -- Kevin Daly on electric guitar and vocals, Dave Insley on acoustic guitar and vocals, Jeff Farias on bass and vocals, and Tom Post on percussion -- arises out the ashes to pay homage to the land that has become known as the Dark and Bloody Ground.

The Trophy Husbands can best be described as an eclectic but subdued mix of bluegrass, country and western (both kinds), power pop and rockabilly. The songs range in theme and genre from the title track, a dark and brooding mix of Mexicano and Western musicianship paying respect to the violence of the Pleasant Valley War, to the catchy and pop stylings of "Everybody Knows," a classic tale of unrequited love and longing.