Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

By Muffy

Hello! Back From . .

It's okay to be back from the lost. It's probably because I don't smoke pot, but I have trouble enjoying being lost due to a constant expenditure of energy trying to find my way back. It's a control issue kind of thing. Of course, once I have returned to home - free "normal" - I search for slippery ways to escape once again. I'm referring to the holidays gone by, maintaining the hectic pace of entertaining others while plotting one's own breakout. During Christmas week, I went to Las Vegas. I still had a boot thing on my leg (it was broken, you may recall) and it's really complicated trying to gamble and drink beer with all those visiting kids around. Believe it or not, it was like a shopping mall of under-agers - not unlike some of the bars I've worked in.... LOL...enter chat room laugh. Lots of stress, Oprah might note, but it's calm now. Yes. Like a frog returning to her pond or a floundering fish, all's quiet. And I miss the hubbub. I made no New Year resolutions but did partake of a lucky lunch of corned beef, cabbage and black-eyed peas at my favorite truck stop.

So, to further catch up with snippets, I made my way to the ol' Mid City Mall. It was my first solo trip sans cast, and I just knew they were hurting financially from my absence. I was happy to run into Kimmet (Kimmet and Doug, dunno if they have last names) before entering the grimy glass doors. She's fun to converse wit - Yo? Being a known intellectual, she was on her way to the library.

Kimmet told me an odd gig tale. While at Dutch's Tavern last month, some guy in the audience kept throwing spoons at the duo. They asked him repeatedly to stop, then Doug went off stage to reprimand the guy when all else was ignored. Apparently he was a fan rewarding them in silver. Silver spoons, all different patterns, all over the stage. He left in his trench coat. A few days later, Kimmet was going to the library to see if any of them were worth more than a mere scoop. I saw them. They weren't your normal "Property of the Company Christmas party" variety. If you know anything about these spoons, let me know. Kimmet is hoping to return them to their rightful table setting. That is, if she hasn't already left town with the spoon booty.

It's easy to get free music from the Internet, but not so if you want an actual labeled disc, complete with jewel case AND credits. That is just what I received from Gubbey Records, and you can too. It's a five-song disc titled The Indestructible Gubbey Records Free CD Sampler. I've listened to it several times and it's a pleasure. The bands included on the sampler are Furlong, The Chocobots, Moe and The Christ Punchers and Funkus. According to the info in their booklet, Gubbey Records has been around since 1993 but is returning from a bit of a sabbatical. Full-length CDs are expected from these bands this year, and they want you to have an appetizer. The disc is available at most record stores, and, like I said, it's F-R-E-E, so go get it! Want to record with them? Or perhaps join Andy's band (Chocobots)? Contact them this way: Gubbeyrecords@hotmail.com

So much to say, but I just can't sit still anymore. Brace yourself, because I'm going to let you in on next month's topic. the password is..... Microphone Etiquette. Yes, intriguing and controversial, it's time I got a few things off my... mike. Like other people's gums.

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