When Country wasn't Cool!

By Rob Greenwell

Remember when Barbara Mandrell crooned the hit "I was Country when Country wasn't cool"? Well, that description fits country singer David Ball to a tee. He is the epitome of traditional country music. Having cut his musical roots in Texas, influenced there by the likes of Bob Wills, Jimmie Rodgers and the like. His style is most unusual, and so is his voice. When "Thinkin' Problem" comes on the radio, you know the song: "Yes, I addddmmmmittt I gotta Thinkin Problem," and you always know that it's David Ball. So all you "traditional country" music singers out there trying to make it, go see a David Ball show to understand what a real country singer is all about.

Ball played Coyote's on December 6, 2001 to a crowd that was desperate to hear some good old fashioned country music, especially in the age of bubble gum pop country music. He delivered what the crowd wanted, with all the essential David Ball hits, including the aforementioned "Thinkin Problem," "Look What Followed Me Home" and probably one of my all time favorite ballads, "When the Thought of you Catches Up with Me." He also delivered the current smash hit " Ridin' with Private Malone," a song that in a sense brought David back to the attention of today's country music fan.

Having made the promise to deliver strong traditional country music, he took his fans through a historical tour through the years of not only his influences, but also the influences of many country singers. He also sang a few new tunes off his new Dualtone records release, "Amigo", which continues the "traditional" path that will certainly be Ball's legacy once he leaves the music business. Watch for a review soon.