Derby City Project at BryccHouse

By Amanda Hettinger

I find myself here in the Mecca of youth and art on an unexpectedly cold Friday night. The BryccHouse is housing yet another all-ages musical bonanza. This particular night is in support of Derby City Project. The team, under Shell Shock records, is kicking off a tour reaching as deep as Florida.

I dragged a veteran BryccHouse friend of mine along so I could blend in and not look so - dare I say - professional. My plan seemed ingenious up until the moment that I set foot in the door.

I, being rather laid back, was struck with a young, energetic vibe. All around, while I yawn and think of work, there are kids running around and playing games and, well, being kids. To be young and punk.

Actually, when you think about it, the community should do more to nurture the BryccHouse. The venue calls local youngsters away from the streets and into a world of expression and art. There aren't many groups out there these days that want to invest in the youth.

If it were not for places like BryccHouse, local bands and artists may not have the chance to develop and display their talents. Hidden talents are everywhere, just as I learned.

On the evening in question, I got first hand experience on the essence and draw of the BryccHouse.

Brandon Shell, of Derby City Project, was quick to smooth out any crinkles from the moment I arrived. At first I thought that he was just looking for a good review, then I saw him interact with the patrons and I realized that this was a very concerned musician. Jumping back and forth, checking on bands and little details, Shell was set to have a successful kickoff.

Just as Shell was ping-ponging, a young kid helping his band set up caught my eye. If every there was a sight to sum up the local music scene he was it. A goofy young adult-type who seemed to be playing a game, not working. Which is what life is all about anyway.

Cody is the lead guitarist for The Lynnwoods. Just as I expected via watching the excited kid, these guys have tons of fun in making their dreams come true. Their sound is a bit Blink 182, but to classify The Lynnwoods would not be very fair. They have a wide array of influences, which creates a refreshing and innovative sound. Maybe Flaw won't be the last new sound act out of our city.

Which brings us back to why we are in this haven-of-youth to begin with: The Derby City Project. Just as I expected from ping-pong-boy, DCP is very dedicated to their dream and their audience. Working through technical difficulties, the guys managed to pull out a great show, full of chasing Christmas lights and happy little dancers.

While they proclaim that their sound is that of Faith No More meets The Refugee All Stars, I got a much more `70s rock meets Limp Bizkit with a touch of jazz.

DCP has a great concept on ever-changing riffs and their strength lies mostly in the bass. While they obviously have influences from country to heavy rock to the Grateful Dead, these boys have managed to intertwine multiple sounds for one that works for them, and their audience.