Randy Atcher Video Documentary

"T-Bar-V" and "Hayloft Hoedown" Materials Sought

A video documentary of Randy Atcher, "T-Bar-V" and "Hayloft Hoedown" is currently in development and the producers are looking for materials, including films, photos and stories from individual Louisvillians who were on the "T-Bar-V" children's show, as well as anyone who has copies of either program. All existing copies of both shows formerly in the possession of WHAS, the producing station, apparently were discarded some years ago for lack of storage space at the station.

Atcher is last remaining performer from the "T-Bar-V" show and was recently featured in a book, "Randy, Cactus, Uncle Ed and the Golden Age of Louisville Television," written by television writer David Inman. Atcher recently announced that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is undergoing treatment.

Because of the loss of the original films and Kinescopes, consumer video materials, such as eight millimeter film, are the only remaining visual representations and are being sought for inclusion in the documentary. Photographs of appearances by individual children are also being solicited. Anyone with such materials is asked to call Louisville Music News at 502-893-9933.

The documentary is being produced by Paul Moffett, with assistance from videographers Paul Carney and Brigid Kaelin, and technical assistance from the Ulrich Production Group.