At Least They Get To Keep Their Name

God Hates Us All ( Island Def Jam)

By Eddy Metal

What can you say about the heaviest and evilest band to ever walk the face of the earth? Three words Immediately come to mind: brutal, evil and uncompromising.

Slayer's latest release, God Hates Us All, which is the band's tenth CD to date, is a demonic roller coaster ride through hell and back.

How would I differentiate this release from their last one, Diabolus In Musica? It doesn't sound too much different, other than maybe there are a few more guitar effects this time around, and I guess I would have to say it sounds a bit faster and more evil than the last one, If that's possible. The songwriting really shines on this one: the lyrics are thought-provoking and menacing, and, as always, the crushing guitar riffs are second to none. Of course, having one of metal's best drummers in Paul Bostaph doesn't hurt, either.

You've got to admire what they've accomplished - they have a devoted army of fans worldwide that are ready and more than willing to scream slayer' in your face at point blank range at the merest mention.

The cool thing is, Slayer has never followed popular musical trends or fads. In fact, I believe they have somewhat become role models to heavy metal bands that do not believe In being "trend followers". Other bands look up to them because they have achieved major success by being true to the music they believe in.

Make no mistakes about it people, Slayer is one heavy metal's true warriors, always fighting for the metal cause, so, I'm gonna make this very simple for you: if you enjoy Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machine and the Deftones, chances are you will not like this Slayer CD. On the other hand, If you enjoy Sepultura, Slipknot, Fear Factory and older stuff by Metallica and Testament, you will definitely like this CD.