"different" than what?

Ikiryoh (rkt 3)

City of Ghosts

By David Lilly

What sound rouses you from slumber? Is it some abrasive, annoying kind of alarm-clock sound? If that is within the realm of a good guess, may I recommend an alternative noise you might actually enjoy being awakened by? Get yourself and your nervous system a copy of Ikiryoh, by Louisville's own City of Ghosts. It's guaranteed to wake you in a different manner; unless you're used to waking to heartbeats that turn into rotating helicopter propellers while a heart monitor's audible electronic beeps "chime" in time to a nearby hammer rhythmically banging the steel skeleton of a building. As if that's not enough, let's remember the deranged mosquito noises. There now ... ready to begin your day?

That's during the first minute or so of the first song, wonderfully (for those of us who love "different" - we know who we are and we know it's OK) titled "After Tonight, Even Our Friends Won't Recognize Us." This disc is a 25-minute EP during which the listener is subjected to a cool merge of psychedelia (yes!) and electronica. Holy heaven on earth, Batman, the tune "Friend or Faux" even splashes in the element of surf (yes again!). "The Bell on the Grave" leans, or should I say slouches, like a vulture towards gothic (another yes!).

This is mostly an instrumental CD, so you can dig that or make up your own lyrics to sing to it. Either way, Guy, Syd and Jon, on bass, guitar/vocals and drums, respectively, have created an entertaining and, er, spirited recording and need to make a full-length CD post haste. Learn more about them (maybe even find out their surnames) at


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