Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Sam K. Murphy of 24/Seven Dies at 36

• Samuel Kelly Murphy, 36, was found dead in his bed by his brother, Shawn Murphy, on Monday, June 24. The cause of death was ischemic heart disease - blockage of the arteries. He played rhythm guitar and sang back-up in the band. He had just been voted best rhythm guitarist in Louisville in the Phoenix Hill Tavern’s “All Star Rock ‘N’ Roll Band.”

The group’s scheduled performances are cancelled until further notice, according to a posting on the bands website at

• Marvin and Beverly Maxwell are retiring from the music store biz after 21 years and their kids are throwin g a party at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom on July 13. Lots of stages, 110 (or so) bands - Mark, Max and Margot called in lots of chits for this one. It's an all-day hoorah, beginning at noon and going to 10 p.m., so you know the guests of honor will be worn down to a nubbin about two p.m. or so. (Marvin's an old dude. Beverly, on the other hand, is still young and beautiful.) Anyway, if you ever had any connection with Marvin and Bev, be sure to mark that day on your calendar and go to the Park for however long you can last. Should be quite a blast.

• Just so you'll know - if you are a club DJ, take note that the first American nightclub "summit," billed as ClubNation, will be held in New York (of course) September 29-October 2 at Webster Hall. If this grabs you, you can get lots more info at

or via email at


or, if you are relentlessly retro, by calling 212-726-2614.

Speaking of events, don't forget to register for this year's World Of Bluegrass, scheduled for October 14-20 at the Galt House. Logon to

for more info.

• The Louisville Youth Orchestra will be holding auditions for the 2002-2003 season for any young musician (through age 21) who plays an orchestral instrument on August 23-25 and again on September 6-8. For more information, contact Melody Welsh-Buchholz, Executive Director, 502-584-0135.

In addition to auditions, the LYO will sponsor two camps for young string players this summer. The first will be held July 22-26 at the Louisville Central Area Community Center at 306 Roy Wilkins Blvd., with a final concert on July 26. The second camp will be held July 22-26 at North Oldham Middle School, South Highway 1793 in Oldham County, with a final concert on July 27. For more information, contact Melody Welsh-Buchholz at the number noted above.

• Mike Bucayu and others continues to push the Bluegrass Anonymous organization forward. The Wednesday night jam at the Lighthouse has been a big success, while the Sunday afternoon jam has moved to the Bluegrass Brewing Company in St. Matthews. The organization is growing, with a website at

and a Yahoo email list. Now, of course, Bucayu wants you to join, so if you are interested in bluegrass, log on to their site and look in the "News" section for an application.

• Songwriters, take note: there's another songwriting contest for you to enter, run by a group calling themselves the International Songwriting Competition The

Grand Prize is $5,000 Cash and $20,000 worth of merchandise, plus the usual cheap teaser of "A Chance To Have Your Music Heard By The Music Industry's Top Professionals!" Sorry, cynicism abounds these days. Anyway, log on to


for an application, rules, information, etc.

• The Long Island Recording Company of Lexington co-sponsored (along with Wal-Mart) the Simple Dreams "Mustang Sally Tour" last year, featuring Sir Mac Rice. The Simple Dreams Foundation, which is dedicated to raising substance abuse awareness, has announced today that Sir Mack Rice will be their spokesman for 2002-2003. Rice's credits include penning "Mustang Sally" and "Respect Yourself."

• Ron Lewis (Mr. Wonderful) and the Louisville Association of Music Performers (LAMP) is looking for show bands and artists able to travel and are good standing with American Federation of Musicians Local 11-637. However, Lewis neglected to mention what he has in mind, so you'll have to call him at 502-774-1066 and find out.

• I suppose it's a measure of success of some sort when publicity arrives from California which includes the names of Louisville bands. Currently, Elliott and Christiansen make that very short list: their schedules in Revelation Records publicity from

Ghazal Sheei, along with this at the top of the stack: "

The latest CD you should have received is the amazing new EP from Louisville's own Christiansen! "Forensics Brothers and Sisters!" is an excellent display of the talent, energy and enthusiasm which Christiansen exudes. They have just returned from their very successful East coast tour with label mates, Elliott and are available for interview." Fortunately, Sheei didn't refer to the "incestuous Louisville music scene," as he did in touting Christiansen some months back. Gotta watch out for those hillbilly stereotypes, even the inadvertent ones.

• John Gage and all his friends and family just keep on keeping on with "Kentucky HomeFront." WFPK is now airing "Kentucky HomeFront" shows every Wednesday evening, at 8 p.m.

The programs are taped at the Homefront performances in the Kentucky Theater on 4th Street.


• Boyd Bennett, 77, died in Sarasota, Fla. on June 2. Bennett was the composer of the early hit rock n' roll hit "Seventeen," which he recorded in 1955 with his band, Boyd Bennett and his Rockets. Bennett was a disc jockey on several radio stations in Louisville and was the general manager of WLKY-TV in the early 1960s.

• Ewel Cornett, 65, died in Louisville on June 8. Cornett was a musician and actor, known for founding Actors Inc., which led to Actors Theatre.

• Donald K. Crecelius, 71, died in Louisville on June12. He was the fiddler player for The Bluegrass Saturday Night band.