Another Kentucky Star Spotted

By Rob Greenwell

In the interest of keeping up with the Kentucky country music artists, I was very curious to hear Kevin Denney perform live at Coyote's on April 19, 2002 at the New Faces of Country Music Showcase. I had heard his single "That's Just Jessie" on the radio and was immediately impressed with his vocal ability and also with the fact that it sounded like traditional country, something that most new artists have not had lately. This artist has an opportunity to continue the long tradition of country music artists from the state of Kentucky.

He will be able to keep up that tradition, because of one fact: he's that good. I like this Denny, not only because he's traditional country, but because he also has a great stage presence, along with the ability to communicate with an audience without music. It also helps that he has great songs in his repertoire. Denny is a traditionalist in every sense; yet his sound is like no other. Imagine a vocal style that is a blend of George Jones and Keith Whitley. His voice impressed me when I first heard him sing, and transfixed the audience. He's not a just a ballad singer either, electrifying the audience with songs like "Cadillac Tears," which should be his newest single, plus "Correct Me If I'm Right" and "Ain't Skeered". Mixing fast songs with ballads will no doubt help him, not only with his impending stardom, but also to heat up his already fabulous live show.