Live! Volume One (BEC Recordings)
O.C. Supertones

By Kory Wilcoxson

The Orange County Supertones have been one of the most ubiquitous contemporary Christian bands of the last few years, seemingly playing every festival, gathering, and backwater tent revival they could find. Somehow during that time they've managed to record a string of albums that have adequately captured their bouncy, driven swing-ska-punk sound.

The problem with those albums is that the dust was too settled and the lines too clearly drawn. The Supertones are a live band at heart, and their music rocks hardest when it is messy and blurry, the horns and the guitars and the lyrics tossed together into a divine musical mosh pit.

Thankfully, their first live album goes a long way toward conveying the essence of a Supertones show. The band's core value is its punk sensibility, filtered through playful musical talent and the faith of the band members. The raw power of their songs gives authenticity to their frequent message of humility and submission ("Little Man," "Away from You"). All their popular songs are present and accounted for, making this live album a good introduction for someone looking for a combination of punk and positivity.