Winner of the Stacy Keach Look-alike Contest

Scott Furlong (Midnite Sunrise)
Scott Furlong

By David Lilly

As far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as "normal" music. Music either moves you emotionally, whether favorably or unfavorably, or it doesn't move you. I'm aware that a LOT of people disagree with that. Some of those who believe otherwise are relatives or friends of mine. This CD by local singer/songwriter Scott Furlong definitely fits into what most people call the "normal" music category. Forty-five minutes of mostly polished, no-frills, smooth-as-glass, country/folk music with Furlong's crooning over it. The exceptions are the upbeat honey Tokin', "Carolina's Crayon'" and the country/blues of "Evening Stage."

I've even wondered if there is a musical place for Furlong in Hollywood, if not Nashville, not only with what must surely be his folky-country crowd-pleasing music, but also with some help from his resemblance to actor Stacy Keach. I can't say much more about Furlong or this music, simply because I don't know anything else about him and the music doesn't appeal to me. However, I wrote about it because I have no doubt that it would appeal to the masses and everybody has to start somewhere.

In short, if you enjoy mostly mellow, straightforward folk music salad with some country toppings, Scott Furlong's music is waiting for your plate. Enjoy.