There's a Farm on Main Street

Frolic (TNT)
The Creekstompers

By David Lilly

How often do you find a CD containing covers of songs by Hank Williams, Bob Marley, Bill Monroe and Jimi Hendrix mixed in with traditional songs and originals? The current running through the fourteen songs here is the spirit of Jonathan Richman's gorgeous song "City Vs. Country," in which Jojo sang, "I want the city, but I want the country too."

Some great local musicians known as The Creekstompers are simpático and they embrace both. How so? They manage (to my great relief & joy) to play a bunch of country, hoe-down and bluesy material without sounding entirely like that's what they're playing.

Indeed, imagine what a strange trip it must be to hear "I Shot the Sheriff" plucking out of the barn. I am by no means a bluegrass fan, but these guys work magic with Bill Monroe's "Kentucky Waltz." On the heels of that, this band even rocks out quietly on guitarist and singer Matthew Reed's "Livin' the Good Life." "Mound" sounds like a Simon and Garfunkel composition on caffeine with its smooth singing, good melody and banjo picking as fast as the wind. Perhaps the weirdest cut here is the cover of "The Wind Cries Mary," featuring banjo and harmonica.

I recommend this CD to anyone who is willing to meet his or her music at the City Limits sign. By the way, The Creekstompers play dances as well as concerts. Write to Joe, P.O. Box 185, Big Hill, KY 40405.