Tommy Shane Steiner...Live

By Rob Greenwell

Coyote's and WAMZ held another private acoustic performances by newly signed national acts on May 14 in the Coyokee Saloon, the Corner's Karaoke club. The featured artist was none other than RCA recording artist Tommy Shane Steiner, whose single is the top five smash hit "What If She's an Angel."

I have to admit that when I saw the drum set parked on the little stage of the karaoke bar, I was just a bit scared. The house was wall-to-wall full and, with not only a drum set but crowd noise as well, I was concerned that I would not be able to hear him sing. Surprisingly enough, however, the crowd immediately became attentive once he started into his first song, "That Just Wouldn't Be Me," and they stayed attentive throughout the show. Of course he did his hit, "What If She's an Angel," and, yes, the crowd did go absolutely nuts at the end of it. I was very impressed with how well this new guy sounded and acted on stage. He draws people to him, as he is a good story and joke teller, essential in developing his live stage show. He almost seemed like a veteran as he was pulling this off. The second point is these four other guys who took the stage sounded incredible, given that they have been together for a short period of time. They really seemed to flow together, which will help him even more in his regular live show.

What really hooked me was the band's acoustic rendition of the Southern rock classic, "Sweet Home Alabama." I had never heard this tune done acoustically before, but they kicked some serious tail on this song. Converted me to a fan.