Much like a fine wine, it has a nice bouquet

Completely Blue

R Scot Payne

By Michael Beaird

I like to think of myself as a music lover who is never at a loss for words in describing how a particular piece of music moves me. However, I am completely at a loss for words in describing Completely Blue, the indescribable album from local singer-songwriter R Scot Payne. Now you have to understand that when I use the term indescribable, I mean it in the most flattering of connotations.

I liken this album to a fine wine. With so many different flavors hitting you all at once, you have a tough time distinguishing each and every one individually. The most prominent characteristics stand out, but there always seems to be more than what meets the ears. The question is then posed. Is it: a) a pop album, b) a rock album, or c) a folk album. The answer is, and it's always my favorite answer, d) all of the above.

The finest quality of this album is, simply put, the talent and creativity that went into its creation. R Scot Payne seems to have a good grasp of what it takes to meld pop, rock and folk without being repetitive and predictable. Despite the difficulty of innovation in modern music (everything is alternative these days), this album keeps it fresh.

The only lacking quality of this album is the production value. It seems to want a more distinct sound, but has trouble attaining it. However, like a fine wine, R Scot's production experience can only improve over time.