Still Waiting for More Introspection

Wonderfully Made (InPop Records)

The Waiting

By Kory Wilcoxson

Bated breath. Is it a medical condition? Can I take a mint for it? I need to know, because I've been waiting for this album with the aforementioned affliction for a couple of years now. It only took a couple of listens to The Waiting's previous albums to realize that this Christian rock group was different than most. The band imbedded its positive message in some of the catchiest pop songs I've heard, and singer Brad Olson's quirky voice made the final package all the more appealing.

The Waiting's newest album is both good and disappointing. It's good in the fact that it's more of the same: quick blasts of hooks and clever lyrics that are immediately likeable. But it's disappointing in that The Waiting doesn't seem to be making much progress as a rock band. If anything, it has lost a little bit of the edge that set it apart from some of the softer rock acts. We have enough of those already; what we need is more bands like The Waiting that aren't afraid to deliver their message with a little kick in it.

Maybe it's a maturity thing. The band has obviously grown up and together, as the lyrics of songs like "What Else Can I Say" and the title track show. The lyrics are also less focused on introspection than on pure and simple praise. That's usually a good thing, but if that shift is responsible for The Waiting's softer side, I'll take edgy introspection any day.