The Return of Fun, Muffy Style

How'd Ya Get So? (No Record Label)

By Kevin Gibson

One thing I've always liked about Muffy's music is that, no matter what, she always seems to be enjoying herself. That much hasn't changed on this, her latest release, even if she's altered her punk persona for a bit more diversity.

Expecting her trademark growl and heavy guitars I found myself taken aback by "Hungry," which harkens to 1980s sounds we found in bands like Berlin and the Motels. The lusty lyric and thickly layered instrumentation give way to another PG-13 smoker called "Let's Do It Like That." Layering guitar over drum loops and wild percussion, producer Albert Ibbotsen holds back nothing in helping to make Muffy's point. (And for humor, there's a brief "ooga-chaka" sample from the classic pop annoyance "Hooked on a Feeling." Priceless.)

From the throaty, sensual ballad "Feel" to the grooving "Swing Low (My Little Sweetie Pie," Muffy is on. "Overthrown" is more diva-inspired roc, while "I'm Boss" is a classic kiss-off song ("This is a love song to myself/Here's to my health") that shows Muffy in the driver's seat yet again. And part of the strength of this collection is that by the end of the album, you not only have a window into the songwriter's soul, you're also rooting for her in many ways. (And, honestly, if some of these songs don't turn you on a little, you probably don't have a pulse.)

All in all, this is just a damn good album by a mainstay in the Louisville music scene. The mark of a good album is one that reels you in and makes you part of it, and I suppose there's no reason I, or anyone, should be surprised at being so effectively drawn into How'd Ya Get So?. After all, girls like Muffy just want to have fun. Why shouldn't she bring her audience along for the ride?