Can Stoners Really Be Angry?

Private Property
Nakatomi Plaza

By Tristan Palmer

I would classify Nakatomi Plaza as an angry stoner band. Yes, that's what I said, an angry stoner band. They can be pissed off, too, if they wanna. Nakatomi Plaza is kind of like a hardcore band, except they have the whole high-pitched riffs thing going on. Quite the strange combination, but it works wonderfully.

Private Property is definitely a good buy. It's a seven-song disc, so it can't be that expensive, plus it's punk - all they're stuff is cheaper than monkey poo. But I think I'm losing some By just blabbing. The CD is really great -- it works you up, getting you all ticked off, and then when you're finished with that it gives you steps down to regress, and the lyrics really aren't that political (which seems to be a fashion in punk).

Nakatomi Plaza has a more real life tune to it, which is always the foundation to a good long-lasting band. So buy it, wherever you can find it - or off AY& and support the little guys in the battle for producing good music, and shut down the pop kings and queens for good.