The Queen still Reigns

Greatest Hits III - I'm a Survivor


By Rob Greenwell

What makes you the Queen or King in the music business? Is it perseverance, - yes - great music - absolutely - great live shows - always - giving the fans what they want - you bet. Reba McEntire is all of these and more, and that's why she is still the reigning queen of country music, as evidenced By her latest release, as if that were necessary.

Greatest Hits III - I'm a Survivor is just another shining example of the bar that Reba has set for the female artists in the business. While many people felt that Reba might have slipped a little bit, she fires back with vengeance with this album of hits from the past decade or so, and, By the way, she also releases three new songs as well, including her latest hit, "I'm a Survivor," that doubled as the theme to her sitcom "Reba."

This album is superb, from top to bottom. She has an amazing voice, and the knack for finding great songs, which is especially evident with the fact of the three new songs on this album. Now although this album may be a tad ballad-heavy, there are some great up-tempo songs. Reba added "Take it Back," "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," :The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" and, of course, the aforementioned recent hit "I'm a Survivor." Saying that this album is ballad-heavy is not a crack on Reba. She may well be one of the best female ballad singers ever, right up there with of Patsy and Dolly. She scored brownie points with me because of the addition to one of my all-time favorite Reba songs, "The Heart Won't Lie," her duet with Vince Gill. She added other strong ballads including "And Still," "She Thinks His Name is John," "Falling out of Love," and "Forever Love." It's funny how artists live their whole lives hoping for one career song, a song that fans will remember them By , and the above paragraph has five career songs and they're all Reba's.

This is a must have for any Reba enthusiast. She always has given and will continue to give the fans what they want: a woman of many talents, who, from plays to sitcoms, from tours to albums, has never forgotten them. This third volume of her greatest hits - unheard of for most current artists - is proof of her dedication to her fans!