Sevendust at Jillian's

By Jason Koerner

Following the Twiztid show at Headliner's I relocated to Jillian's where the scene was just a little bit different. No Juggalos were to be found here, just metal heads and people who love rock music. The crowd was tightly packed; everyone was radiating that "concert heat" we are all so familiar with. I did not get to see the opening acts, but Sevendust was powerful as usual. The performance was not as intense as the last time I saw them, with Creed, but it was a better atmosphere, since there were no chairs to tame the crowd. The band is promoting their new CD, Animosity. The tour seems to be doing well so far, and radio is doing their fair share in promoting the band. The singles, "Live Again," "Praise" and "Angel's Son," ("Angel's Son" was released previously on the album Strait Up, a tribute to Snot lead singer, Lynn Strait) are the newest releases from Animosity. All three have gained strong popularity. The band also revisited previous hits of theirs such as "Waffle," "Bitch," and "Denial."

All in all, the show was an entertaining one, both in and out of the venue. Sevendust gave a big shout out to Louisville boys-gone-big, Flaw, while onstage. Look for the band to continue their path on the road, promoting the new CD. Their edgy-melodic hard rock is both mainstream appealing to radio and fans, while it remains true to the aggressiveness that makes it Sevendust.