Was Taylorsville Empty?

By Rob Greenwell

Man, the place was packed! Louisville, Kentucky on a Friday night was the homecoming of Taylorsville native son Shannon Lawson. Coyote's Music and Dance Hall hosted the homecoming and was it a party. In case you didn't know, Shannon Lawson is the new act on MCA Nashville who has had a buzz around him since he signed the contract and released his first song, "Good-bye On A Bad Day." He is an artist who has found the right blend of country and bluegrass and that has allowed him to benefit from the backing of many of the strongest companies in Nashville, including MCA and Starstruck Entertainment, his record label and management company respectively. He is one of the brightest young acts in the country music business, and rightfully so.

His show was an absolute blast from start to finish, mixing country and bluegrass with ease. He was on fire the whole night, playing cuts off his soon-to-be-released debut album in June, as well as some of the great songs from his former band, the Galoots. He had it easy on this night: the crowd was fired up and ready to party. Lawson was prepared to shine, playing songs like "Heaven Hill's on Fire," "Superstar" and his first single, "Good-Bye on a Bad Day".

Lawson was backed by an outstanding band with some great pickers, including former members of Chad Brock's, Gary Allan's and Deana Carter's bands. Not bad for a new act who is just getting his start nationally. This band will allow him to grow as a person and as an artist. Even though he is an amazing talent and a veteran live performer in a regional setting, he still is a "freshman" on the national level, as evidenced by some of the freshman mistakes he made.