The October Original Rock Showcase

By Jennifer Shewmaker

If you haven't made it out to the Phoenix Hill Tavern for the monthly Original Rock showcase, you've got to go check it out soon. For those of you who don't know, Eddy Metal Productions and WLRS stage a showcase on the first Friday of each month featuring bands from Louisville and surrounding areas. This show reaches out to a variety of listeners and Louisville music supporters by focusing on not one specific styles of music but on a variety of different styles. A show might consist of bands that play blues to bands that plays hardcore rap, but it's always a good show to check out and, additionally, provide some support to the Louisville scene.

On Friday, October 4, 1080 started things off with a [ heavy beat. Ten-eighty is a recent addition to the scene and is getting good feedback. Unfortunately, I missed the majority of their set due to rain and nondrivers but what I saw and heard was good. The word [I heard [from a few music veterans was that they were a good heavy band. I plan on catching another show soon.

After the Fall came on next. They have been in the scene for a while and have a really cool hard sound. They wasted no time getting started and performed their set like a machine. They also wasted no time getting off the stage after their set so Element H could come on and mix things up a bit. There was very little time lapse in between bands, which made the evening even better for the crowd and the bands. Element H had tons of energy on stage. You could see by their presence that they truly enjoyed what they were doing. Their vocalist combines hard rap with a singing voice reminiscent of Seven Mary Three and gives them a really cool sound. The energy they exhibited on stage flowed into the crowd and definitely added to their appeal.

Outspoken headlined and finished off the night filled with more energy then it had when it began. The entire band's enthusiasm for their music made for a powerful stage presence. The vocalist worked the crowd between songs and kept the energy kept flowing. The heavy groove sound of the music mixed with the powerful vocals and semi-melodic harmonies blended together like a well-mixed rum and Coke, giving Outspoken a sound you'll want to hear again. Element H and Outspoken definitely kept the late-nighters entertained and energized.

It was a great show and ALL the bands that played got a good crowd response. I look forward to the next Phoenix Hill local showcase on November 1. I encourage all of you too make it out to support your Louisville musicians.