Darryl Worley At Coyote's

By Rob Greenwell

Darryl Worley returned to Coyote's on Thursday October 3, 2002, riding the heels of his number one hit song, "I Miss My Friend." Darryl delivered on the two promises always made when you come to see his show: 1) He gives you more than your money's worth, as he normally plays anywhere from 90 to 150 minutes and 2) you are guaranteed a whole concert devoted to the traditional style of country music, as the Savannah, Tennessee native grew up on that style of music.

Worley is country throughout his core as evidenced by his live show. He pays more than adequate homage to the men that came before him and paved the way for the new traditionalists like Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Byrd, Darryle Singletary and, of course, Darryl Worley. Darryl did run through his catalog of songs like "Second Wind," "A Good Day To Run," "Sideways" and the ever-popular "I Miss My Friend," but he also covered a number of songs from his past that shaped his musical persona.

You really have to love country music in order to see this show. There is nothing fancy about his stage; there isn't even anything fancy about his entrance. He walks on stage, picks up his guitar and then starts singing, weird by today's standards. There is one more thing that is weird about his show: there are no non-country songs that say they're country but also belong on the hip-hop charts. Darryl can't sing those types of songs and thank God for it! His show is a must-see for true country fans.

Joining Worley on stage for a couple of songs was new DreamWorks labelmate Chalee Tennison. She joined him in singing the unforgettable "You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma" and then Chalee took the reigns herself with a wonderful rendition of the classic Patsy Cline song "Crazy." This woman has a great voice and amazing stage presence and on a personal note, I hope the best for her, as DreamWorks Records seems to be a perfect match for the both of them.

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