Amelia's Boots (Paste Music)
Urban Hillbilly Quartet

By Dale McHenry

The Urban Hillbilly Quartet is a group that isn't confined by labels or musical parameters and Amelia's Boot finds UHQ making one the biggest musical jumps in their history. Fasten your suspenders because the Hillbillies are jazzing things up.

The first song, "Word/Wings," opens with the expected electric guitar riff and typewriter groove until suddenly -- gasp -- horns! "I Want You Back" assures longtime fans that UHQ hasn't forsaken its classic roots sound, but simply added to its already diverse musical palate.

"100 Years Ago" should answer the ages-old question of "What would it sound like if Ravi Shankar joined a roots/rock/jam band." The muted trumpet and white boy rap of "You Need To Love" gives a Miles Davis/Deborah Harry vibe and somehow works.

Amelia's Boot is full of surprises and says much more about the disc may ruin the adventure. While music this good should appeal to a wide range of listeners, this group may appeal in particular to fans of the Grateful Dead, David Grisman, the Vigilantes of Love and Bruce Cockburn. UHQ cites these artists as influences and isn't afraid to show its love for them in its music, but the Urban Hillbilly Quartet is a group with a sound of its own. Find out more at