But the amps go to 11

Thirty-Two Frames (Revelation Records)
Thirty-Two Frames

By Kory Wilcoxson

The debut EP from Mt. Washington's Thirty-Two Frames makes a lot of noise. The six songs and two hidden tracks rock hard without pause or apology, assaulting the listener with violent sonic force reminiscent of so many nameless hard metal bands.

Unfortunately, that sheer speed and volume isn't enough to cover up a lack of musicianship, and mostly hide some intelligent lyrics. Songs like "Crow/Sioux War" and "Affluenza" are smart in their counter-cultural bravado, but "singer" Jay Palumbo's throat-raking screaming render them moot.

There's no sign of a melody or hook or anything else that might make these songs more promising. Palumbo and mates are content slamming the pedal to the metal, but someone forgot to take the wheel, meaning Thirty-Two Frames is going nowhere fast.