The Celtic Corner

By Roz Carothers

A Kitty Gathering

After the heat of summer, October ushers in my favorite season. Fall and celtic music are a perfect combination. The folks at Kitty O'Kirwans know this and they are hosting "A Gathering" the weekend of October 12-13. Tenrec performs the Saturday evening and yours truly will be fiddling her heart out on the 13th, in the most recent incarnation of Drowsey Maggie. The Louisville Pipe Band is on the roster, as well as other local favorites. Members of local Irish and Scottish groups will also be on hand. The weekend promises to be full of fun and music and Kitty's will be the place to be! After a successful summer of Sunday evening concerts, Kitty's is continuing them into the fall. Taking place from 7-9 p.m., stop by and have dinner and listen to live music by your favorite groups from around the region.

Silverwood Rained Out

The weather didn't cooperate for Silverwood and they were rained out on a performance at the Summit. They will be making that date up in the month of October, so keep a look out for when it gets scheduled.

Chasing Tenpenny Bit

Tenpenny Bit keeps its dance card full and here's their line up: October 4-6, they will be in Nashville Tenn., performing at the Nashville Contra Dance Weekend; October 12 finds them at the Bluegrass Festival in Glasgow KY (I've played that one myself and it's a ball!). On October 19, they'll offer up a concert in Carrolton for the Concert in the Park series from 7-9 p.m., and on October 20, look for them at the Greensburg KY Civil War Concert, playing from 2-4 p.m.

Kentucky Celtic Festival

For those of you wanting to plan an out of town adventure in October, mark the weekend of the 11-13 and head to Hopkinsville Ky, where the Kentucky Celtic Festival and Highland Games will be staged. Events include Highland athletics, clan and vendor booths, food, music, dancing, pipe bands and lots more. All of this will be at the Trail of Tears Commemorative Park; park gates open at 8 a.m. and close at 6 p.m..

Hi-Tech Bows

For you fellow fiddlers out there dealing with the fickle heat and humidity, take the time to investigate the line of fiberglass and graphite bows by Coda Bow. Ranging in price from $265 to $800, these bows are getting rave reviews from professional musicians. Granted, I love my pernambuco baby, but it doesn't love our Kentucky weather. These bows eliminate all those problems. (And even bring in an element of fun, check out the "Colours" version, which changes colors as you play!) You can only get them through a dealer, local luthier and great-guy-to-know-in-an-emergency Mark Edwards can help you out.