Sixteen Sonic Tons

Avarice (42nd Street)


By David Lilly

Lock up your daughters and bar the doors! Louisville metal band Kallus is on the loose with Avarice, a somewhat Man or Astro-Man?-like three-song EP. Not that Kallus is in any way adding surf music to their mix. Rather, they use some prerecorded talk that sounds like it's been lifted from a movie. The difference is that the spoken samples Kallus uses tend to be a bit more ... colorful.

While I have no idea what enlightening information I might ascertain from Kallus' lyrics, upon listening to them repeatedly I have the feeling of being sonically assaulted with no knowledge whatsoever of the intended message. I don't know if I'm being encouraged to do something as strenuous as protesting some real injustice or if they're expressing what it's like to get loaded and smash up a motel room. Either way, the delivery is ferocious.

That may sound like criticism, but I am not slamming Kallus, because they're fun.

While not everyone likes being in the mosh pit, the energy of this music is contagious. I recommend this disc (and Kallus in general) to anyone that gets off on aggressive music made with fire-throwing guitars and Hell's Angels' drumming. This stuff is not for everyone by any means, but those who are into metal should love it.

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