The Reputation (Initial)
The Reputation

By David Lilly

Initially (pun intended) upon listening, this disc wasn't that impressive to me. However, as I am wont to do, in a different frame of mind I gave it another spin and decided I was glad the singer, nerdy and adorable Elizabeth Elmore, either graduated from or traded law school for life in the Indie section of your local record store.

Singing and playing guitar, piano, Mellotron, and other keyboards, she is talented and humble enough to insist (through the band's Web site) that without the talents of the others -- bassist Joel Root, drummer Chad Romanski and guitarist Sean Hulet -- as well as the folks at Louisville's Initial Records, this CD would not be available for your listening pleasure.

The first thing to power-pop (indie style) out at you is, "Either Coast," which I'm sure is entire-continent friendly as well. At the other end is a real curveball - a crying, aching cover of Elvis Costello's "Almost Blue." Between those differing slices of musical bread are enough meaty aural ingredients to make a tasty sonic sandwich.

Because there are no slashes or even hyphens to separate one lyrical line from another, the lyrics sheet is kind of difficult to read. Do you really listen closely to the lyrics in your power-pop diet? If not then it won't matter. Find out more about The Reputation at