Rocking Blue for You

Young Again (Preferred Artist)
Wayne Young

By David Lilly

Once upon a time an unconventional kind of marriage took place right here in America. It was a musical marriage that involved two styles of music and a lot of people. The older style was called the blues while the younger style was called rock 'n' roll. On this EP of blues-rock, the happy marriage continues, as we're treated to just a few samples of this blissful couple, Wayne Young style. And Young is a man who witnessed first hand the aforementioned marriage and helps keep it together and solid.

The titles here are "Hard Luck Harry," "Rock `n Roll is the Answer," "Borrowed Time" and "I Found a New Love." At least two of those are included in Young's "signature set," listed at his Web site. All four songs are sure to fill any dance floor and provide the score for a good time, whether at home or at a Wayne Young & the Youngsters' gig.

Remember that this EP is a sonic drop in Young's keg of sound; an appetizer for the smorgasbord of rocking blues the man plays. At just under 15 minutes, it's excellent for brief interludes if you're short on time. I encourage you to find out more about this seasoned road warrior at