Um, YES?

No! (Rounder Records)
They Might Be Giants

By Kory Wilcoxson

This is an idea that makes complete sense: They Might Be Giants putting out an album for kids. The quirky band known for its catchy but bizarre songbytes making music for strange little creatures with short attention spans. It's a match made in Istanbul (not Constantinople).

In a way, TMBG have come full circle. No! most closely resembles the band's first album, released back in the late 80s. Unfortunately, that was also the group's least accessible album, and "No!" treads on the same odd ground. Only a few of the songs on No! will actually appeal to kids (the musical maze of "The House at the Top of the Tree" and the nonsensical humor of "Fibber Island"). Most of the other songs will be written off as too weird by both kids and adults.

The real draw of this enhanced CD will be the interactive games that come with it. Pop it into your computer and watch the animated characters jiggle and jive to the songs. Playing along with the games helps the songs take life, proving that this album is to be experienced, not just heard.