Moderate and Healthy Narcosis

Windblown Kiss (Projekt)

By David Lilly

If you're out of the habit of defying gravity and free-floating around the in the sky, try slipping Windblown Kiss into your CD player and lying back with your eyes closed. If that sounds too far out to relate to, picture yourself lounging in an inner tube, drifting on the surface of a lake or river and letting the wind and motion of the water take you where they will.

This, Lovespirals' first full-length CD, could well provide a very similar effect. Other than that, it's great background music for whatever you're doing, as well as worth owning just for the artwork (if you like purple, black and green). In more academic terms, this package is a thesis waiting for an aesthetician.

Not that I keep up with radio's chart toppin' hits, but my ears tell me this music to too well done and artistic to be played on radio (unless it's Internet radio). I hope I'm wrong. However, though I flunked out of marketing school, the most likely candidates for mass consumption probably include "He Calls Me," "Our Nights," "I Can't See You" and "You Girl." "You are the Gun," and "How the Thieves Ride" are the songs featuring lead vocals by Ryan Lum, a multi-talented musician.

Providing lead vocals elsewhere is the multi-lingual lyricist Anji Bee of the enchanting voice, including a breathy, melting whisper. She also duets beautifully with herself on "Swollen Sea" and adds devastatingly haunting back-up vocals for the aforementioned "How the Thieves Ride." Bee's exotic beauty also happens to match that of the music. Adding to the "melting" factor of this music, guest musician Doron Orenstein provided starry-sky-on-a-clear-night saxophone on three songs. Sean Bowley pitched in with guitars, lyrics and vocals on two songs.

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