This is Not James Garner

Wine Press of Your Love (Independent)
Lewis Mathis

By David Lilly

As a resident of Shelbyville and, as much as possible, the spirit world, multi-instrumentalist Lewis Mathis is in a boat with a lot of other musicians. He'd love to earn a living by writing, recording and performing music. He has recorded numerous albums and those I've heard are mostly great stuff. He's also a bit of a maverick. Part of the "problem" with that and with Wine Press is that, while Mathis composes mostly Christian music (hardly what you might associate with that genre), there are probably few radio stations that would touch it because he remains true to his muse, which means Mathis' music is too far from Main Street to fit "the mold." Another reason you probably wouldn't hear this on radio is because most of it is very meditative (though not like New Age) and some of it is downright erotic. Nonetheless, this CD is definitely worth repeated listenings.

One exception to the passion and floating quality of most of this music is "The Whole Earth is Filled." I haven't listened closely to the lyrics yet, but the music borders on a psychedelic jam, like an animal galloping through the wilderness with a purpose only it knows and hurdling or dodging anything in its path. Another exception is the rocking desperation and passion of "Even if You Slay Me." Actually, spiritual passion is the common denominator of this entire CD and I encourage you to hear it.

Mathis has a bin in the local section at Ear X-tacy. Otherwise, to get a copy of this and/or other CDs of his, contact him via