The Lexington Scene

By Steve Nall

Hello, Louisville and welcome to the latest installment of The Lexington Scene. This month I'm going to take you to one of our bigger clubs, A1A and give you some information on a few of the "alternative" rock bands that call Lexington home.

A1A, the self-proclaimed "Monster on Main" is, as you may have already guessed, located on Main Street (367 E. Main Street, to be exact) in downtown Lexington. The A1A Entertainment Complex is actually comprised of five smaller clubs, each designed for a particular taste and atmosphere. The sports bar has a large screen TV to catch all the games and also provides an acoustic set by Kenny Owens, who also plays guitar and sings in Lexington's own 80's cover band Long Duck Dong. There is a karaoke bar on the upper floor to bring out the superstar you always thought you were and for the spring and summertime fun, there is even a "sand bar" where patrons can relax outside in the cool breeze and catch a game of volleyball.

Back inside, you'll find the two main attractions at A1A, the dance club and the live venue. The dance club is full of all the spinning lights, lasers and smoke machines you have come to expect from a dance club as well as a multi-level dance floor. The live venue sports a large stage with good lighting. The sound system is above average and the room itself has enough room for hundreds of fans. The club has hosted many Eighties metal bands such as Ratt and Quiet Riot, as well as up-and-coming rock bands like Louisville's Outspoken. A1A has also been the main venue of a local music show, where hometown bands get to take the main stage and show what they've got. To find out more about bookings, call 859-231-7263.

This leads me to my next topic, the bands. Some of the "alternative" rock bands plying their wares around Lexington include Attic Down, Green Theory and Lucid Grey. There are far too many bands to mention here, but over time we'll get to many, if not all, of them. These three bands are moving up the ladder quickly, however, so I thought we'd start here.

Attic Down ( has been on the scene here for several years and consistently puts on a great show. Their style is very tight and commercial and the songs hold their own against anything on the radio these days. Green Theory ( is one of the newer bands, but they've already created quite a stir with their music and stage show. Their sound has been described as "System of a Down meets the Chili Peppers meets Eminem." It sounds crazy, but it works. I've seen Green Theory quite a few times and they've always delivered. Lucid Grey ( is a little heavier than the others, but when you listen to the radio these days, I think that they would fall into the category of "alternative" rock. Their sound definitely has more of that "NU metal" edge than the others here, but at the same time they have the accessibility that bands walking that commercial edge need to make it. All these bands are definitely worth seeing live, so check their websites for tour information .

In other music news, Partly Cloudy has finished recording their debut release at Long Island Recording here in Lexington and have now begun the down the long road of mixing. Skullcap vocalist Larry Hunter is at home and recovering quickly from his recent neck surgery. The band is taking the time off to write new material and plan to be back playing live by the end of April. Any Lexington bands that have big news can email me at


That's about all for this month. The WXZZ Pure Rock Playoffs are going on all March, so we'll be going to The Rockzone next month and continue our look at some more "alternative" bands.