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What up, freaks.

Just got back from The "502" Gathering at Swiss Hall and I had a really good time with a bunch of cool people who like to jam and support local music. There was no fighting, just good fun, lots of variety in Louisville music and beer. That's what its all about. (see props of the month below) .

The Metal Grapevine

Former Luther Guitarist "Tommy Yates" Passes away


Holy cow, what can I say? I'm in shock. Not many in this town really got to hear and appreciate Luther, the band from a little town south of here called Glasgow, but those who did absolutely loved them. They hated trends, they were nonconformists, they were kinda demented and they could wail like no other, especially Tommy Yates. He was a guy known as an extremely nice and quiet type, until he put on his beat-up Les Paul and proceeded to play.

The amazing thing was, the guy could play better the more alcohol he drank. Complete with Elvis sideburns and coal mining boots and with his huge Afro flying, the dude was very interesting to watch play. Man, could he wail! Doom metal with soul.

This really saddens me because I have personally known those guys for quite a while and in my opinion Luther is definitely one of the top three metal bands to come out of Kentucky, ever!

So rest in peace, buddy, we, your fans, friends and family will miss you big time.

Ready For Beautiful? If you haven't heard, Primer 55 broke up and Primer guitarist Bobby Burns is jamming with former Flaw guitarist Jay Daunt in a new project called Beautiful. Look for some shows soon, as they are almost ready to play out. It scary to imagine what chaos these two guys could cause. AHHHHHHHHH!

Thanks, Tailgaters! A few months back, a moronic metal band started a fight at Tailgaters, which put the owner off to the heavier stuff so much that he decided to not have metal bands at all. I heard of this and Immediately wrote him a letter trying to persuade him that not all metal bands are troublemakers and that those who started the ruckus should be punished instead of all of us hardworking metal bands who actually appreciate the venues support. Basically, I told him to throw out the bad apples so they won't spoil the whole bunch. I spent an hour on the letter and it paid off. It turned out that David Grace is a reasonable and forgiving guy, so we still have our venue. And if any of you mess it up, look out!

Mr. Metal will be waiting for you in a dark alley, to nag you to death!

New Band Alert Times Three

Magnetic Flux is a project of Bobby O. Bobby is well-known, as he has played in so many bands he's like a cheap hooker. (lol). Just kidding, Bobby.

Seriously, Bobby rocks, so be sure to check out his new band ASAP.

District Down is a new band formed by former Tha Ruckus vocalist. Get out to see them soon, because I've been hearing good things about these guys. They are going to release a CD soon, so be on the lookout.

Never is a five-piece metal/hardrock band from Bowling Green which recently moved here to join in the fun and chaos of the Louisville music Scene. HAHAHAHA, welcome to hell!

Voodoo Machine to record in April


After finally finding a bassist, Voodoo Machine is back in business and is recording a full-length CD in April at Canyon Studios. Smart guys.

Upcoming Shows



Expo 5 shows generally start at 8 p.m.

Saturday, April 5 - U of L Cardinal Newspaper Fundraiser. Bands to be announced.

Sunday, April 6 - "Save The Undergroundlou Concert." Come out and support Jake and Louisville's only Internet radio station.

Saturday, April 12 - The Used in concert. Official Post-Thunder Party, featuring The Used. Also playing will be Cambria, The Start and Coheed. Tickets available at ear x-tacy and Expo 5. For info, call Expo 5 at 636-3532.

Saturday, April 19 - "Derby Fest" with 100.5 the Fox. Featuring eight bands! Four stages!

Saturday, April 26 - Puc and Magnetic Flux.

Headliners Music Hall

Sunday, May 11 - Strapping Young Lad, Incursion502, Reflux, Assisting Sorrow and Kodan Armada. 7 p.m.

Phoenix Hill Tavern

Friday, April 4 - Element H, After The Fall, False, Phearus and 13th Level.

Friday, May 9 - Month Of Sundaze, Magnetic Flux, District Down and High Output.

Friday, and Saturday, June 6 and 7 - "Summer Spectacular," featuring two nights of Louisville's best original bands."


Friday, April 4 - The Dropouts.

Sunday, April 6 - Element H, Puc and The Other Side. All ages.

Friday, April 11 - The Constant, District Down and Stripped image.

Saturday, April 12 - Month of Sundaze and T.B.A.

Sunday, April 13 - Dope, Zug Izland, Sara Tonen, Phrail and Severed Soul. All ages.

Friday, April 18 - Sara Tonen, After The Fall, 13th Level and Sailor (of My Own Victim) unplugged.

Saturday, April 19 - The Herbie Hinkle Ensemble, Highline, Slackshop and Focal Point.

Friday, April 25 - Artie Dean Harris.

Saturday, April 26 - The Dropouts.

Sunday, April 27 - Jet Lawrence and The 1.3s. (lol, I wonder what that means:)

Saturday, April 26 - Magnetic Flux and T.B.A.

Sunday, April 30 - The Villebillies.


Sorry folks, I could not access Tekworld's website for some reason.

Therefore you should call up Tekworld and I'm sure they'll be glad to tell you what's happening there.

Friday, April 11 - Nemesis, Execrate, Caustic and From Zero.

Outtatownerz and Otherz.

Saturday, April 26 at MF Hooligans in Richmond KY - Magnetic Flux.

Props Of The Month

This month's props go out to the people involved who put on "The 502 Gathering" show at Swiss Hall. That would be Scott Cox of Factor 9 and the big guy at shows (Shaun is his name I think) , Doug of 1080 and Kris ( the girl who filmed the bands). They put in a lot of time and money to make this show happen, especially Scott. The PA/light system was rockin' and the stage was good.

It was a responsive and appreciative crowd. True, the turnout was expected to have been better, but as I've always said, "there's usually always something else going on the same night of a big show." You can count on it. And all this war stuff may have had an impact on attendance.

Aside from that, thumbs up for the effort! There was still a good crowd and everyone had fun. I know I did.

Keep up the good work. And to all you people out there. You can make a difference. You just have to go out there and "do it" like these people did.

That's it for me kiddos, I'm outtie.

Be sure to send all your info and showdates to me no later than the 15th of every month. Or you will be bummed!

And you can also write me to say "hello" or "you suck," it's all good.