Exponentially Ours

Down for the Underground
Live May 25, 2002
A1A Lexington, KY (Mine's Bigger Than Yours Records )

By David Lilly

During my virgin experience with this band, several nonmusical images came to mind. Initially there was the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain; then I thought of an avalanche of rock crashing down the side of a mountain and last, but not least, the sound of a couple hundred motorcycles idling and revving at the same time in the same open space. What brought on those images? Try loud, 16-ton drums, an adrenaline-filled jugular-vein bass guitar and scratching, wahwah-ing and screaming-banshee guitars. Not to mention a singer that fits right in with all that cacophonous sound. What comes to mind when you hear the music of Supafuzz?

"Did you read what this LMN guy wrote while trying to describe Supafuzz's songs?" someone out there in readerland might ask. Well, even Dr. Evil would say more than "it's frickin' awesome." Other than the sheer bombardment of full-throttle rock, these guys do lower the volume a bit to play "Confession." I mean, come one, even Black Sabbath did "Planet Caravan," so give these guys credit for toning it down on occasion, even though some of "Confession" gives the impression that a fuse is lit and the attached dynamite is about to blow. Call me an old fogey, but I'll be dipped if the righteous rocker "Unglued" doesn't evoke memories of Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy." It's definitely not a rip-off, but I made the association and, to me, that is a big compliment.

If your answer to the question at the beginning of this review is "I don't know, I haven't heard them," yet you DO LIKE good, hard and loud rock 'n' roll, get thyself to www.supafuzz.net and buy a copy of this disc. At very least, listen to the samples of their stuff and read up on the band. For the good of your own mental health (and admit it, your social status), do it NOW - there ain't much time, Hoss - so you can say you knew Supafuzz before they actually punctured a hole in the big time.