Neither left nor right

SloRoll (Independent)

By David Lilly

You know how people from various walks of life might hear the same kinds of music and are then able to relate to each other on that level? That's sort of how the guys in SloRoll got together after repeatedly crossing paths in the Nashville music scene. They formed a band, wrote some songs, made use of some studio time and released this EP.

They're an experienced and talented bunch and are getting airplay throughout the Midwest. I'd really like to be able to say "Bully for SloRoll," but I'm afraid I can't. To find out why that could be good news for the general public and/or casual rock-radio listeners, read on.

While this music is somewhat enjoyable and there's nothing really wrong with it, I'd love to be able to tell you what's distinctive about it. The problem is that what I hear is sort of generic, radio-ready, modern rock that leaves me feeling unfulfilled and yearning for something more.

The band is working on the follow-up to this EP. I'm willing to side with them and give the next release a chance. As I suggested, those of you with more mainstream tastes might really like this EP, so

is the place to check out samples and learn more about the band.