Lacuna Coil at PHT

By Eddy Metal

Italian Goth rockers Lacuna Coil grabbed the usual Hill patrons by the short and curlies and wouldn't let go until they pledged allegiance to Lacuna Coil, which translates as "downward spiral " in Italian. They won the respect of every person that saw and heard them. I heard patrons saying that "this was the best band they ever saw the Hill." I have to agree with him.

Now for the particulars:

I am probably one of a hundred people in this whole state that has actually heard of and actually heard Italy's Goth rockers Lacuna Coil. When I was on Black Frank's radio show five years back, another member of `Frank's Posse', a guy by the name of "The Undertaker" introduced me to their weird sound. At first I was hesitant, but then I was sucked into "The Downward Spiral" that their name implies. So when I heard they were coming to the Hill on November 19, I was too happy! How to describe their sound? I have had a rough time trying to find a musical category for this band, so I guess I will have to go with gothic power ballad rock with some heavy moments and some cool sequences and effects.

Vocally and musically imagine Evanecense, but darker, heavier, trippier, moodier and 100 times better in every way. Actually, Evanecense copied Lacuna's sound big time, Americanizing it as they went, but the originality of Lacuna Coil far exceeds Evanecense. The words passion and originality really come to mind.

The music has two singers, one male, one female and four other crazy looking Italian dudes playing the music. Both singers are so into what they do, it is scary! Vocalist Christina Scabbia is a musical genius and vocal powerhouse. It was an excellent display of vocal talent. I was mesmerized.

The band is top-notch, as they can go from a trippy, mellow guitar melody straight into a crunchy double bass slammer. There's nothing this band couldn't play.

Image was a big part of Lacuna Coil also, as all the guys were dressed in black monk/Edward Sissorhands-style trench coats, with long braids hanging; pint size Christina was Gothed out, with her black hair and black eyeliner. Kinda reminded me of an Italian MSD with a chick singing! LOL. Ok, so no one knew who they were.

I told a lot of people and the Fox promoted it well, so there was a decent first-time turnout for them. Louisville wasn't prepared for what happened next. We were Europeanized. The band played all their best material from all four releases, which are top notch.

At times, the guitars reminded me a little bit of old Alice In Chains, which is cool, but the rest of the music was totally original. The best tracks were "Swamped" and "To Live Is To Hide," off of the Unleased Memories CD; "Halflife" and "Senzafine," a song that was performed and recorded, in Italian, from the Halflife EP. They ended playing a song from the newest CD, Coma Lies, a song called "Heaven's a Lie" unfortunately one of their weakest on the CD.

The bottom line is, buy their CDs if you want to hear a hot little Goth chick sing like you never heard, with a band of metalhead/acidtrippers who kick major rump, then buy any of their albums. It is a trip to stoner acidville. You probably won't find it at Circuit City, but I bet ear X-tacy would have it.

Lacuna Coil sells out venues and does well in Europe. Hopefully, more people will open their eyes to Lacuna Coil in America. I see a bright future for these Italian rockers. I know I will be in line when the next CD comes out.

Available CDs are In A Reverie, Unleashed Memories, Halflife & Coma Lies. Buy them!