Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name: Jerry Barksdale

Age: 24

Instrument: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals and Drums.

Band/Former Bands: Formerly of Assisting Sorrow (Progressive Black/Death Metal) and Coronach (Black/Death Metal); Currently with Absence of Faith (Industrial), Empyrean Asunder (EBM/Metal) and The Danged (Horror Punk/Death Rock).

Jerry Barksdale

How Long On Instrument: Depends on which instrument you're talking about. Guitars 14 years, Bass 6 years, Keyboards 5 years, Voice and Drums about 4 months.

Equipment: Damn this is going to be a long list: Paul Reeve Smith guitar, cheesy Crate GX-30 amp, Zoom 1010 Guitar Effects Pedal, BC Rich Stealth bass, cheesy Peavy TNT bass amp, Korg Triton keyboard, Digitech Vocal 300 voice processor and a handful of computer programs like Acid, Sound Forge and Reason.

Influences: Sentenced, King Diamond, Atrocity (old and new), My Dying Bride, Cataclysm, Abominant, Ministry (Twitch era), Bathory, Venom, Apoptygma Berzerk, Beborn Beton and Michael Jackson (Thriller kicks ass).

Hobbies: Surgical Body Modification (www.templeofpain.da.ru), Cybernetics (check out http://www.kevinwarwick.com

this guy is a real life cyborg) Reading: Psychology, Biological Anthropology, Genetics (I'm going to have a mad scientist laboratory in my basement one day).

Favorite Movies: The Day After, Last Night, This Quiet Earth, The Day the Earth Caught Fire, On the Beach, Atomic War Bride, This is not a Test, X-Men, Waterworld and, of course, the Living Dead Trilogy....oh and Gummo and Run Ronnie Run.

Favorite Food: Olive Garden, pineapple upside-down cake and Leeka's nearly famous chicken.

Favorite Place: My Basement.

What I'm Listening to Nowadays: Stromkern, Boole, Razed in Black and Hypocrisy.

Coolest Thing I've Done: I've done some pretty interesting things...but probably my favorite was a show my suspension group performed on June 5th 1999 on the opening night of Club X. It was probably the first human suspension that anyone in this area had witnessed. The crowd reaction was varied... from people vomiting and fainting to people coming up and giving me a hug and thanking me for introducing them to this lifestyle. It was one of those defining moments you hear about.....thank you, Brent for giving me that opportunity.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Thankfully, I've managed to avoid any real embarrassing moments...Websites: www.absenceoffaith.net, www.templeofpain.da.ru

(webpage containing personal pictures and thought on body modification