The Lexington Scene

By Steve Nall

Hello, music fans. Life in Lextown moves along: this month we saw the coming of the Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference. The conference comes to Lexington every year and covers the entertainment industry by way of music, film and art. This year saw a two-day event with numerous panels, workshops and seminars by artists, actors and music industry personnel such as actor/musician David Carradine and legendary record producer Eddie Kramer of Led Zeppelin, Kiss and Jimi Hendrix fame, among many others. The nights were taken up with bands of all sizes and genres playing in clubs all around town for industry people and local club goers alike. We hope that next year will be just as good and the MEIC will continue to flourish and call Lexington it's home.

I haven't been able to get out to the clubs lately, but I wanted to let you in on where you can get out and see some of the best bands from Lexington, either here in town or on the road. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get out more and give you some insight into what's cookin' in the Lextown kitchen. Now here are some dates for ya...

SKULLCAP ( will be making the trip to Cincinnati for a couple of shows, November 29 at Sneaky Pete's and December5th at Never On Sundays...Filth Porn ( will be at Headliners in Louisville on December 5...Lucid Grey ( is going to be at the Lexington Ice Center at noon on December 12 and 13 playing between UK Hockey matches...Attic Down ( is gonna be at the Brick Alley in Frankfort KY on December 13...Devilstomp ( will be pulling double duty with two shows in December - one at A1A on the 4th with Liquid Snafu and Mr. Smartypants and also on December 13 at M.F. Hooligans in Richmond, KY.

Well, they say that no news is good news and I guess I've told you pretty much all the news I know. If you are a Lexington band or will be playing around Lexington in the upcoming months, shoot me an email at and I'll be sure to put ya in the next month's mix. I'll be back next time with some reviews and show dates to keep you informed with what going down with the Lexington scene.